Riddler is a three-sided application consisting of
browser extension, website and Discord bot.

How does it work?

  1. Riddle masters add their levels, pages and achievements to Riddler's system;
  2. You install the extension for your favorite browser;
  3. You log in to the system using Discord credentials (no need for emails or awkwardly uploading avatars);
  4. Progress is saved on every new level and page visited, without the need of bookmarks;
  5. Help channels are unlocked on Discord guilds whenever a new level is found;
  6. Points are awarded on solving levels and unlocking achievements (yes, there are achievements!);
  7. You end up competing in leaderboards, meeting new people and being part of a whole new riddle-solving ecosystem.

How to use the extension/system?

  1. First of all, install the extension officially for your favorite web browser:
  2. Once installed, open the popup menu and click the Update hosts button:
    Update hosts
  3. Allow and grant permissions for the current riddle domains on Riddler (must be re-done whenever a new one is added if you want to play it!):
    Grant permissions
  4. Open the login page by either clicking the button on navbar or going to a riddle page;
  5. Authorize Riddler's application using your Discord credentials (by creating a Discord account first if you don't have one):
    Authorize Riddler
  6. Select your country among the listed ones and click the Create account button:
    Select country
  7. Your account is now created! Lastly, keep in mind that you need to be a member of given riddle's guild to actually progress. If that's not the case, just accept the invite dialog either by riddle menu link or whenever it pops up to bother you:
    Guild invite
  8. And that's it! Now just start playing your favorite riddles from start and enjoy all goodnesses Riddler has to offer. Also, don't forget to join Wonderland II (Discord guild) for fresh new info, announcements and reporting eventual bugs. Thank you! 😺
    Riddler head