Privacy Policy

This is nothing more than a simple page to disclose extension/website privacy policies to everyone including Google, the biggest tracking company in the world. In other words, it's here to guarantee that neither the extension nor the website collects more data from you than what's needed. You can pretty much ignore it if you're anybody but Google bots a player. All hail Google!

Browser extension

Riddler collects accessed pages' URLs as they are visited by players, but only on riddle sites. That works by having the webRequest permission enabled just on catalogued domains, granted by clicking Update hosts (button) in the extension's popup menu. Such action has to be done by a so-called "user gesture", since it's the only way apparently Chrome allows granting of optional permissions to extensions.

Discord OAuth2

The only OAuth2 system scope requested is identity, which grants access to the logged user's Discord handle (username#discriminator) and avatar. Such info is required for identifying which user is logged in, and thus applying needed processing and database changes to them (and only them).

By using Riddler, extension and website, you hereby consent to the aforementioned Privacy Policy and Riddler's (small) usage of your data.

― Emoon, 2021